How to navigate through the Online Archive

Bob Schalkwijk's Digital Archive is accesible for revision through the ©Cumulus platform. 

It contains, at this time, the two main catalogs in which the work team has focused on: "Mexico" and "Arte"

"Mexico" contains around 57,000 images taken in the country related to Architecture, Archaeology, Ethnic Nations, Landscape and wildlife, Industry, and Everyday life. Its organised by locations. From general to particular. 

"Arte" contains all the images related to Art reprography. Is mainly classified by authors (over 500). Its organised mainly by author name.



Clink on the button above and the Cumulus page will open in a secondary navigation window. 

To log in, enter your user name and password, then click Login.

*Password and user is provided via email. Request in the Contact section.

Once the main page is open you can navigate through the categories that are arranged in the left upper part of your screen. Or type a word in the search field. 

The Categories area is showing the topmost level of the category tree. A leading triangle indicates that there are further levels of categories below that one.



Click on a category to open the according level. The collection is adjusted accordingly. The collection header is adjusted, too as you can see in the picture where the header of the collection is "Author"

Click on the home icon to reset the categories view to the topmost level. The collection is adjusted accordingly.

Click on the back arrow to move up one level in the category. The collection is adjusted accordingly.


Buttons in the Collection Area

Buttons in the Collection Area

In the top area appears a series of buttons to manage and view all the images in the collection.

Slider to control the size of thumbnails.

Currently active sorting criterion with drop-down list for more sorting criteria; arrow to toggle the sorting direction (ascending/descending).

Arrows to jump to the first, the previous, the next or the last page. The numbers in the center show the current page / the total number of pages of the current collection.

Click on the numbers opens an entry field to specify a page number to jump to directly.

Click to add all files displayed on the current page to the Collection Basket.

Click to add all files contained in the current collection to the Collection Basket.

(At the bottom of the page) Indicates the number of items displayed per page; drop-down list to change this value. 
The values you can select from depend on the thumbnail size and size of the browser window.